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D elightful little hotel run in very civilized and friendly manner. Gourmet dining.

An altogether delightful little hotel run in highly civilised and friendly manner by a dio of urban refugees, who clearly enjoy their work. Erhan, is a superbly gifted gourmet cook. Erhan and Nejla both bring a touch of managerial talent into the balance. They have set up in a charming farmhouse that they have rebuilt with some strikingly modern touches. They have developed a reputation for the best food between Izmir and Istanbul, thanks to Erhan's creativity, which shines in the kitchen. He produces outstanding dishes never attempted before: endives with strawberry sauce, aubergine in a tahini sauce'
   The village itself - full of pretty stone houses, donkeys and gnarled old villagers - is a great relief from the depressing betonvilles of the coast. There are endless forests of olive tree in the background, and you actually wake up to the call of the rooster and the chirping of the birds.

  • Facilities:credit cards accepted • suburban setting • nice garden • internet present • open off season • traditional architecture
  • Location:in village
  • Restaurant:Mediterranean cuisine • Custom • Seafood cuisine • Local • Vegetarian cuisine
  • Child policy:children not accepted
  • Net connection:free of charge • in common areas only
  • Activities:guided tour • trekking • cycling • hobby / courses
  • Pet policy:

    not accepted

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Bir kere dilinize-damağınıza inanamayacaksınız: Ege otları, balıkları, Erhan Şeker’in mahir ellerinden diğer lezzet keşifleri... Nejla Şeker’in tatlı muhabbeti eşliğinde civarda yapılan yürüyüşler... Temiz hava, bol gıdanın yanında, özenli ve dostane hizmet, mis kokulu çarşaflar, evinizde bile bulamayacağınız sükûnet... Tam, keşmekeşten ve diğer gündelik eziyetlerden kaçıp azıcık soluk almak isteyenlere göre. Benden söylemesi.

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