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C lub Kanara has been listed in our books for several years and we have received plenty of complimenting feedback from our readers. Families with young children love it!

It all began with small bungalows. Then a few buildings with balconies and fireplaces were erected among the trees, some of them stone-built, others made of wood. Cute thatched roofs were added to perfect a rustic look. The new constructions have not spoilt the fresh look and the vast areas still offers plenty of quiet corners.

Guests enjoy their own private space in the houses. A huge playground sits at the heart of the club. Pets of all kinds welcome the children’s attentions. The owners have even cornered off a safe area in the sea for children to paddle in. When the children have fun, parents can relax!

  • Facilities:credit cards accepted • suburban setting • right by the sea • nice garden • AC in room • internet present • tv in room • open off season
  • Location:just by the sea
  • Restaurant:Mediterranean cuisine • Homemade cuisine • Seafood cuisine • Local • Vegetarian cuisine • Southeastern cuisine
  • Child policy:children welcome
  • Net connection:available everywhere
  • Activities:table tennis • trekking • horseback riding • boat, kayak • wind surfing
  • Pet policy:

    not accepted

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Yıllar sonra geçirdiğim en güzel tatildi, her şey harika ve huzur dolu idi. Kızım ayrılmak istemedi ben de yıllar sonra ilk defa yanımda kızım olmasına rağmen çok çok rahat bir tatil yaptım. Yemekler lezzetli, insanlar güler yüzlü, doğa muhteşem, kısaca her şey çok güzeldi. Bu cenneti yaratan Ayhan bey ve Sabahat hanıma teşekkürler .

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