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E ven today, when no one could call Ölüdeniz undiscovered, the protected lagoon to the east side of the beach, with its rugged mountain backdrop, still has a picture-perfect beauty that is hard to beat. The trick is to find somewhere to stay that adds to rather than detracting from the glory of the setting.

Right next door to the Oyster Residence is its new little sister, the Jade Residence, which boasts exactly the same luxurious decoration and super-comfortable fitments nestling inside cool stone walls and overlooking a pool. It has the feel of a hotel that has strayed from another time and place - the boisterous charms of Ölüdeniz are just a stone's throw away but guests will hardly be aware of them, at least during the day.

Where we think Jade wins out is in its diminutive size ' guests are unlikely to find themselves sharing the poolside bar and cafe with large and noisy British tour groups here.

  • Facilities:credit cards accepted • right by the sea • nice garden • swimming pool • phone in room • tv in room • AC in room • internet present
  • Child policy:children not accepted
  • Net connection:available everywhere
  • Pet policy:

    not accepted

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2008 Mayıs ayında kalmıştık. Gerçekten çok güzel bir butik otel. Odanın ahşap döşemeleri, Hilton banyosu, cibinlik yatağı gibi ayrıntıları etkileyici. Denize sıfır ama küçük güzel bir havuzu da var. En çok Murat'ın yaptığı yemekler harika. Ancak fiyatlar Nişantaşı seviyesinde.

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